What is Alpha American? It’s a symbol. A symbol to the remaining Patriotic God loving strong men and women who are politically incorrect, bold, strong, confident, and unafraid of the opinions of others in today’s “woke” culture.  

 It’s for the selfless patriotic service men and women who defend our precious freedoms and fight for the Red, White, and Blue.

 It’s for the Christian that stands firm in his faith and doesn’t always turn the other cheek. A Christian who believes Jesus wasn’t this meek and mild effeminate character that society has painted him…but believes he was a strong confident loving man not afraid to turn tables for a just cause.  

 It’s for the husband and wife who still believe in the nuclear family, and who are raising their children up to be strong, independent, and hard working adults who refuse to rely on government handouts to survive.  

 It’s for the kids, or young adult who doesn’t believe in participation trophies. The victims of Critical Race Theory being pushed upon then in school. The believe in hard work like their parents. They love the grind and believe deep in their soul that only the strong survive between the lines and in life. 

 It’s for the women who keep asking, “where have all the real men gone.” Women who want a man that will provide, protect, and treat her like a queen.  And in turn, treat him like a King. 

 It’s for all the forgotten men out there. The old school, rugged husbands and fathers who this world has been trying to feminize for decades. More importantly, for their grandfathers who raised them to know better and what it means to be a man.  It’s for all the men who fight the good fight and ignore the propaganda refusing to water down their testosterone in a world being overrun by beta males, and safe spaces.  

 I started this company because I have seen enough of the frail, skinny jean wearing, hybrid kia driving, soy latte drinking, man bun wearing, beta cucks that are ruining this country.  They have infiltrated our colleges, work place, pro sports, and even our own government.  They have a loud voice in the mainstream media that the Alpha American does not have. These white knights cannot be cancelled.  

That's what Alpha American apparel is all about.  Men and women who wear the gear patriotically, proud and unafraid. We will not be cancelled and we will not go down without a fight.